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How To Make A Paper Question Game

Paper Games Oragami Fathers Day Crafts How to Make a Cootie Catcher / Fortune Teller: Instructions 1. Find a friend and ask them to think of a question to ask the fortune teller. Such as, “will I pass my test”? 2. Now get them to pick a.

  • Paper Tape/Glue Markers/Crayons Scissors Tools Printer Instructions Print dice template. Cut along the exterior lines. Draw your numbers or symbols on the squares. Fold along the interior lines to shape the cube. Glue the tabs to hold the dice together. Play! Notes Click here to get the printable to make the dice at home! © Kim

  • How to make a quiz. Choose your quiz type Built for both students, lead capture and leisure, you can make your own trivia quiz, personality tests, polls, and surveys. Assign grades, certificates and more. Write your questions Add your question from more than 40 types, tick the correct answer and repeat.

  • - Spell out the color and move the fortune teller in or out for each letter. For example, if the person says "red," move the fortune teller out for "r," in for "e," and out again for "d." Pause it...


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